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On-site registration flow

In this article you will read the steps in on-site registration flow of your invitees

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  • Your invitee registers by clicking the link in the invitation and filling out the registration form.

  • The invitee receives a confirmation email, including an e-ticket - and is now labeled as ‘Registered / Signed in’ in the overview.

  • On the day of the event, two extra filters will automatically appear in your registration overview: ‘Present’ and ‘Absent’. Until a guest is checked in, the status will be ‘Absent’.

  • Your guest arrives at the event and shows the e-ticket on the confirmation email or personal page.

  • The event crew scans the e-ticket by using a smartphone with QR-reader app.

  • In the registration overview, the status will be automatically changed from ‘Absent’ to ‘Present’. The overview is updated real-time. Caution: you need an active Internet connection for this!

  • Guests without e-ticket can manually be labeled ‘Present’ in the registration overview. In case a personal page is used, your guest can always find the e-ticket there.

  • It is possible to create multiple scan points to, for example, check in attendees at multiple locations simultaneously or at sub-sessions. In addition, you can link a specific login code to a scan point so that that person can scan directly from that check-in point. Scan points without linked code are available to everyone in the check-in app.

You can determine the entry times for each ticket. The tickets will only be valid during this specific time slot. During this time, the tickets can be scanned for check-in. Read how this works.

Tip: The e-ticket can be printed and folded into a handy name badge on the day of the event.

You can determine the content and design of your e-ticket in the Ticket Module.

Tip: In case you are expecting a very low no-show and you are using name badges, it can be a good idea to mark all invitees ‘present’ in the registration overview.

You can change the names on the remaining badges to ‘absent’ manually. This makes on-site registration a lot quicker.

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