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Audience interaction for in-person events
Audience interaction for in-person events

Use audience interaction for in-person events.

Updated over a week ago

You can use the Interaction Module to better engage the audience in in-person events.

Please note: The Interaction Module is a paid feature.

You can purchase this feature for a single event (event upgrade) or for all events (event add-on). Please contact the Customer Success team for more information.

Audience interaction in Momice consists of 3 parts:

Chat: Participants can post their questions or comments in the chat. Each participant indicates whether they want to participate in the chat. It is not possible to send one-on-one messages, so every message is visible to everyone.

Polls: Allow the audience to vote on one of the pre-programmed answers or through a word cloud (open response).

Audience Questions: Give participants the opportunity to submit questions directly. These questions can be displayed on a separate screen.

Here's how it works for the organizer:


  1. Add one or more program elements to the program page of the Website Module.

  2. For each program element, a lightbox appears. Click on the second tab 'Audience Interaction' in this lightbox.

  3. Specify the type of interaction you want to activate for each element: Chat, Poll, or Audience Questions.

  4. Indicate whether you want participants to vote anonymously.

  5. Go to the Interaction Module and select the desired program element in the dropdown menu.

  6. Set up the statements or Word cloud questions and arrange them in the correct order.

Day of the Event:

Instruction Screen:

  1. Open the Interaction Module and select the correct program element.

  2. Go to the 'Polls' tab.

  3. Open the 'Interaction Results Page' in a separate tab and provide this URL as an 'external source' to the control room to display it on the screen.

  4. Activate 'Share participation instructions' so that participants in the audience can join.

  5. The instruction screen is now displayed on the screen.

  6. Participants can now scan the QR-code or enter the URL on their smartphones.

NOTE: The instruction screen can only be displayed if the privacy setting is set to 'public'.

TIP: You can display the instruction screen at any time on the 'Results screen'. If a poll is active, the votes are saved and can be shown again on the screen later.


  1. Open the Interaction Module and select the desired program element.

  2. Go to the 'Polls' tab.

  3. Open the 'Interaction Results Page' in a separate tab and provide this URL as an 'external source' to the control room. This is the same URL as the one where the Introduction screen is displayed.

  4. Activate the poll or Word cloud with the slider. Participants can now vote or enter their answers.

  5. TIP: If you are using a Word cloud, advise your audience to enter no more than 2 words. This keeps the display clear.

  6. Do you want to display the results on the screen? Click on the slider for 'Results'. The answers are now displayed on the results page.

  7. To move on to the next poll, activate the slider for the desired question. Participants can only vote on the active poll.

  8. The answers from previous polls are saved and a poll can be reactivated at any time. The results can also be (re)shared at any time.

Audience Questions:

  1. Open the correct program element and go to the 'Audience Questions' tab.

  2. Open the 'Interaction Results Page' here as well in a separate tab and provide the URL as an 'external source' to the control room or share it with the moderator if you do not want to display the questions on the screen.

  3. If you want to display a question on the screen, select this question with an asterisk.

  4. If a question is answered, click on the 'Archive' icon next to the question. The question is moved to the Archive and is no longer displayed on the screen.

  5. Questions that are not selected are not visible to the audience, but only to you as a moderator. You can also archive unwanted or incomplete questions directly.


  1. Manage access to the chat in the Chat tab of the desired program element.

  2. As an organizer, you can only follow the chat when you are logged in as a participant.

  3. The chat results are not saved in Momice and cannot be exported.

After the Event:

You can view and export the results of audience interaction via the 'Results' tab for each program element.

If you chose anonymous participation, each anonymous voter appears in a separate column in the Excel file. Ie. you cannot see who gave the answer, but you can see the consecutive answers of each anonymous person.

How it works for the participant:

  1. The participant scans the QR code on the instruction screen or types the URL in the browser.

  2. The participant arrives at the event website in the 'Polls' tab.

  3. Here, the active Poll is displayed. The participant can vote immediately. The participant can always change her answer. Their final will be displayed on the Results page.

  4. If no poll is active, this will be indicated on the screen.

  5. From here, the participant can also navigate to the Chat or Audience Questions using the various tabs.

DISCLAIMER: For voting within political parties or for other important decisions where it is crucial that everyone votes, this tool is not sufficient.

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