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Everything about polls

Read all about the poll option in Momice

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Chat, polls, audience questions and session feedback are part of the Interaction Module – a paid feature that is only available if you have an event upgrade or account add-on 'interaction'. Contact us for more information.

Polling helps you discover how your attendees think about certain topics. You can choose between multiple-choice questions or open questions. Answers to the open questions will be visualised in a word cloud. This is how polling works in Momice:

  • Activate the interaction option 'polls' in a program item.

  • Attendees can answer polls via the mobile interaction page on smartphone or tablet. They can access this page by scanning the QR-code in the live stream page. Under the tab 'polls' attendees can answer the questions. The QR-code will remain visible throughout the entire live stream.

  • You create the polls in advance, using the Interaction Module.

  • During the event, you decide when to activate the poll for your audience and when to show the results. Use the two switches in the polling tab to activate the polls or display the results.

  • The results appear on the separate results page.

Activating a poll

  1. Create a new program item on the program page. Indicate that this item takes place online.

  2. Insert the live stream link from your video streaming platform. Please note: the feature ’polls’ only work if the live stream is embedded in the live stream page. It does not work on external applications like MS Teams or Zoom, unless embedded. Details on setting up the live stream page can be found here.

  3. Go to the third tab 'Interaction' and activate polls.

  4. Adjust the accessibility. If anyone can answer a poll, choose 'public'. In case the polls are only available to those who have registered, choose 'private'.

  5. If private, select whether you want to give access only to all invitees or to those who actually registered.

Preparing and using polls for your event

Polls are managed from the Interaction Module. Access this module from your Dashboard, from the program detail page in the Website Module or from the 'Interaction' in the left navigation bar.

In the Interaction Module use the drop-down button to select the program item for which you want to activate the polls. Then select the item 'polls'.

After the poll question is opened, participants can submit one answer every minute until the question is closed. All answers given are collected in the Interaction Module and shown in the result to the audience.

To ensure that answers do not keep coming in, it is a good idea to close the question once all the answers have been received. The results will be saved after closing the poll.

Different types of polls

There are two types of polls available. A multiple choice question or an open question.

  • Multiple choice question
    The question type 'multiple choice' is a closed answer question. The participant can select 1 answer to a poll. In the Interaction Module, you prepare your polls and the possible answers. You also select how you want to display the answers: actual numbers or a percentage.

  • Word cloud
    A word cloud is an open question. The answers are displayed in a word cloud. Prepare all word cloud questions you wish to ask during the event in the Interaction Module.

Answering a poll

Attendees can respond to the poll via the interaction page on a smartphone or tablet. They can scan the QR-code, shown on the live stream page under the tabs 'polls' and 'viewer questions'. After scanning with their mobile device they choose the tab ‘Polls’. All answers to polls and audience questions are stored on contact level in the Momice Interaction Module.

Using polls during the event

During the event, you can open the poll questions to your audience any moment.

  • Turn on the switch of the poll you want to show to your audience. Your attendees can find the polls on the mobile interaction page, under ‘Polls’.

  • When the answering time is up, switch off the poll. The poll will no longer be visible and the results can no longer be changed.

  • Turn on the switch of the results you want to display. The answer appears on a different page. Go to this page by clicking ‘Interaction results page’ in the Interaction Module, after clicking on polls.

  • Only one question and one answer can be displayed at the same time.

Tip: Always keep an eye on the real live stream on a screen for perfect timing. By default, each live stream has an average delay of 20 seconds. Activate the question about 20 seconds after the speaker has asked the attendees to answer it. A timer indicates how long a question has been displayed.

Showing the results to your audience

The responses to your polls are visualised on the ‘interaction results’ page. This is a separate URL that you can share with your producer or director upfront. They include this source in their presentation or slide deck to display the results to the attendees.

Example of the results of a poll:

Example of a word cloud:

*Public interaction is only possible if the Interaction Module is activated. This is a paid module that can be purchased for € 350,- per event or as an add-on for € 1250,- for all your events. The Interaction Module contains a live chat, polls and audience questions.

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