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Everything about chat

Read all about chat for your livestream in this article

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Chat, polls, audience questions and session feedback is a paid feature, only available if you have an event upgrade or account add-on 'Interaction'. Contact us for more information.

Setting-up the chat

Follow the next steps to set up the chat:

  1. Make a new program item on the program page. Tick the box, indicating that this item takes place online.

  2. Insert the live stream link from the video streaming platform you are using. Please note: the chat function only works if the live stream is embedded in the live stream page. Not if the participants go to an MS Teams or Zoom application.

  3. Go to the Interaction Module and activate the chat.

  4. Define the accessibility. Is the chat only for people who have registered for the event? Choose 'private'. Is the chat public for anyone to watch? Choose 'public'.

  5. In case of a private event, select if you want to give access only to those who registered, or everyone who was invited.

Look and feel for the attendee

The attendee can access the chat by clicking on 'join chat'. They can share messages with anyone who joined the chat. For the attendees this looks as follows:

Setting up a moderator

If you want to assign the role of moderator to a specific person, register this person for the event, and change their name to 'Organisation', 'Moderator' or the name of your company. The name you choose will appear in the chat.

Tip: The chats are not saved in the Interaction Module. Copy the chats into a Google document or make screen print screens in between.

*Public interaction is only possible if the Interaction Module is activated. This is a paid module that can be purchased for € 350,- per event or as an add-on for € 1250,- for all your events. The Interaction Module contains a live chat, polls and audience questions.

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