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Everything about the program for online events
Everything about the program for online events

Follow the steps below to properly set up your program for your online event (live stream).

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With the program page, you can direct your guests to the right live stream (page), during your online event. Here’s an introduction on how to set up the program page for your online event. The settings from the program page send attendees to the correct live stream page. More information on how to set up the live streams can be found here.

Setting up the program page

On the program page, you can add all the program items of your event. For each item, you can insert the date and time, set up the live stream, and make decisions about interaction. You complete these steps for every online program item.

Date and time

The start time of the first item and the end time of the final item in your program determine the total duration of your event. These times will also be communicated in the calendar link. You can choose between a 12-hour or 24-hour representation of your program page. If you choose the 12-hour option, AM or PM will be indicated for each time slot and item.

When program items take place online, you can indicate this by checking this box. Don't forget to enter the start time for the online reception. This is the time attendees can access the live stream page.

Adding the live stream link

For each program item, you can add a live stream link. This can be an embed code from a platform like Vimeo or YouTub, or an external link to software like MS Teams or Zoom.

The Video ID of Vimeo and YouTube is the part in the URL after the '/'. For example: The Video ID is: 123ABC.

Check the Vimeo URL before adding it to the program item. Does the Vimeo URL contain an '/event' before the video ID? In this case we advice you to use the option 'Embed code' when selecting the online streaming platform in the program item. Does the Vimeo URL not have this addition? Then you can use the option 'Vimeo'.

Are you using another video streaming platform? Then you can use our 'Embed code' option. Here you can copy-paste the embed code of a video and adjust the size to your liking.

Please note: when using an embed code, the attendee is directed from the program page to the live stream page. When using an external video conferencing application like MS Teams or Zoom, the attendees leave the Momice event website and access the MS Teams or Zoom application.

Access to the interaction module

For each program item, you can activate the interaction features you want to use in the third tab: chat, polls, and audience questions. Interaction is only possible when you have paid for interaction credits. Then you can use the three interaction options: chat, polls and audience questions.

Program page of the invitee

On the day of the event, the program page will look differently for every attendee. Based on which workshops and sub-sessions they have selected, the program page is personalised. They will not see the workshops and sub-sessions that they haven't selected to attend.

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