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Design specifics images
Design specifics images

Here you will find the design specifications for your images on the event website and in the Mail Module.

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Website module - Step 2

Top bar

Full-screen 640 x 150 pixels
Minimum: 100 x 100 pixels
Maximum: 3 MB (Only JPEG or PNG)


Website icon
Advice: 128 x 128 pixels
Maximum: 3 MB (Only JPEG or PNG)

Custom menu: Background image
You can display a background image on the smartphone. If you make the menu more transparent, the background image becomes more visible.

There are many different smartphone formats. The representation of an image is determined by the image format, smartphone and how the smartphone scales the image. Momice therefore advises to maintain a certain ratio instead of the exact number of pixels.

Minimum width: 375 pixels
Minimum height: 667 pixels

Note: if you want to have important parts in the image shown on every smartphone, put those objects in the middle of the smartphone or as a logo / image (see below). It is recommended not to place the object near the edges of the image.

Custom menu: Logo / image
A logo / image on mobile start menu is placed horizontally (in the middle) of the smartphone. You can choose from 5 positions for how much space you want to keep clear for the logo. This also determines the height of the menu that starts underneath.

Position 1: no logo, menu starts directly at the top
Position 2: small logo
Position 3: average logo
Position 4: large logo, menu starts mid-way through smartphone
Position 5: completely complete. Choose this if you want to show everything in the image exactly like that in a smartphone.

โ€‹Format logo: at least 128 x 128 pixels, maximum 3 mb.

Note: 'Custom start menu: Background image' is placed over the entire smartphone, only the part that you want to show above the menu can be determined with 'Custom start menu: Logo'.

Website module - Step 3


  • General information
    Advisory format: 1920 x 480 pixels
    Image submenu: at least 480 x 240 pixels

  • Floor plan /attachements
    Minimum size: 640 x 320 pixels
    Full-screen format: 640 x 320 pixels
    Maximum: 3 MB (Only JPEG or PNG)

  • Sponsors
    If you want to show multiple logos next to each other, upload them as the same format and then choose whether you want to show them large / medium / small. Then you can be sure that they will be shown on the website as the same format.
    No minimum size.
    Up to 3 MB (JPEG or PNG only)

  • Images for Guest list, Location, Speakers and Contact
    Minimum size: 320 x 320 pixels

  • Submenu
    Minimum size: 480 x 240 pixels
    Up to 730 pixels wide, wider images are reduced to 730 pixels.
    No maximum height.

    For all images applies: a maximum of 3 mb.


Header widget

  • The header widget has a full-screen background image with a fixed height with extra possibilities to put a title, subtitle, call-to-action button or logo on it.

  • On mobile, the sides are 'cut off' and only the middle is shown by the fixed height.

  • Put important information in Title or Logo / Image at Content. Logo / Image is scaled, the background image of the Header widget is not.

Image widget

  • The image widget is displayed on desktop full-screen or on text column width.

  • On mobile, the entire image is shown proportionately smaller so that everything remains visible.

  • Tip: You can also use the Image widget as a header if you want to have all the contents of the image always displayed.

Background images for all homepage widgets

Minimum width: 1920 pixels.
Full-screen height: 590 pixels.

Note: If you are going to upload images, always use different filenames.

Mail module

Header / Footer

  • 600 x 300 pixels

  • Max. 3 MB

Image widget

  • 600 pixels wide

  • Height of the image depends on your preferences

  • Max. 3 MB

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