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Closed registration

Re-open the registration with the settings below.

Updated over a week ago

Something has not been set up correctly and the registration has been closed. Check out these 7 settings:

Registration settings

  • The registration is closed on the date in step 1.

  • The registration is closed due to the maximum number of participants in step 1.

  • The Register page is not active in step 3 (the page must be checked).

Ticket settings

  • There is no ticket available in the Ticket Module.

  • The 'start and end date ticket issuance' of the entrance ticket is on the wrong date.

Are lists linked to entrance tickets?

  • The invitee receiving this notification has not been added to an invitee list.

  • The invitee who receives this notification is in an invitee list that is not linked to a ticket.

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