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Timeline page

Benefits of the timeline page

Updated over a week ago

The timeline page allows you as an organizer to post and share posts with event participants. Attendees can like and respond to these posts.

To be able to like and respond to posts, it is important that your invitee is directed to the Timeline page from the email.

Please note: If an invitee does not go from the button in the invitation to the Timeline page. Momice sees this person as an open registration. As a result, the invitee cannot like posts and cannot respond. This is not the case when using a person registration.

In your invitation or in the registration confirmation, you can use a button. This button can lead you to your Timeline page. To do this, follow the steps below.

Button settings Timeline page

  1. Go to the Mail Module. Open your draft with the pencil icon or go to your registration confirmation.

  2. Click on 'Add Widget' and choose 'Button'.

  3. Here, select 'Link to event page'. Below this, select 'Timeline'.

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