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The Event Website consists of a Homepage and one or more event pages

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The Event Website consists of a homepage and one or more detail pages. The homepage gives an overview of the event, the detail pages are meant to provide more detailed information about specific elements.

There are 14 different detail pages to choose from: general info, location, program, speakers, guest list, video, photo’s, attachments, registration, survey, floor plan, contact, sponsors and event app.


The homepage is the first page your visitors see - and provides the highlights of the event. You can compose the homepage by using widgets, based on content from different detail pages. Read more


Use the location page of your event website (Website Module, Step 3), to provide information about 1 or more event locations. For each location, the address, travel information, a picture and Google Maps link can be displayed. When your event includes more than one location, the lay-out of the page is automatically adjusted, in order to keep it clear for your visitors.

Please note: the address of the first location, is the address used on your e-ticket and in the calendar link.


Add all program elements. The start time of the first element and the end time of the final element determine the total duration of your event. These times will also be communicated in the calendar link . You can choose between a 12 or 24 hour representation of your program page. If you choose for the 12 hour option, AM or PM will be indicated for each time slot and item.

Knowledge page

On the knowledge page you can add documents (up to 20mb) or external urls, these are called 'items'. These items can be used to share content before or after the event. This page can be used for different types of content. For example, to announce future events, share blogs or recordings of the livestream.

The items are 'clickable' and you can add a label and/or image per item. It is also possible to create multiple categories in order to structure the page and categorize items.

General information

Use this page to give your visitors some background info about the event. Tell them why the event is organised and why it is important to your organisation.

Registration (form)

This is where you create the questions that appear on your registration form. Here you can read more about the registration page.


Define the settings of your guest list here. Here you can read more about the guest list.


Add one or more speakers, including personal information, i.e. LinkedIn link, website link, biography and picture.


List your sponsors, create different sponsor types, using titles or text (eg. Gold, Silver, Bronze).


You as organiser can add event pictures, and enable your visitors to upload their own. You can choose to approve the pictures before publishing them. A maximum of 50MB can be uploaded at once up to 25 photos at a time. The photos can be sorted by name, date and time. You as organizer can now download all the photos on the photo page in one ZIP file at once.

Please note: You can place a maximum of 500 photos on the Photo page.


The video page is a place to display YouTube videos. Add a maximum of 10 YouTube videos: choose ‘Add video’ and paste the video URL in the screen.

Floor plan

Add one image in JPG or PNG that will be directly visible in the browser - and a maximum detailed PDF’s to give more detailed information. The PDF is displayed in a new tab, where the visitor can zoom in on the image.


Add one or more contacts for your event, including contact details such as email and phone number.


Add attachments up to 20 MB (max. 45 attachments) of file types:.pdf .doc .docx .ppt .pptx .xls or .xlsx. Or use it to share files that exceed the mail attachments maximum (3 MB) with your visitors.

Event app page

On the ‘event app’ page, your visitors can find an explanation on how to visitors can add the shortcut to their smartphone. Standard text can be found in the Website Module (Step 3). There are separate descriptions for Android and iPhone.


It is possible to place another website, such as a livestream, in your event website. Please contact support for this.

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