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The Online Lounge

The Online Lounge is a digital reception for online participants, replacing the Homepage on the day of the event.

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All visitors will directly enter the Lounge, where they find all relevant event information in one overview — for example the Guestlist, Program and Timeline messages. The Lounge is available as a licence add-on. Costs are € 950,-. per event, ex. VAT. You can request this add-on via Momice support.

Lounge widgets

You can find the Lounge in the Website Module, above the Home page tab. Just like the Home page, the Lounge consists of several widgets, using information from various other event website pages, like Program or Guestlist.

The following widgets are available for the Lounge:

  • Guestlist. Several guests are displayed in the widget, providing a shortcut to the Guestlist page.

  • Program. All program elements are shown in one overview, allowing the visitor to access a certain program element with one click.

  • Personal program. Every program element can be starred, resulting in a personal program, listing all relevant program elements for this visitor. PLEASE NOTE: all visitors have to compose their own personal program. Registration details like workshop registrations are not automatically imported into the Lounge.

  • Timeline. The widget displays the most recent timeline messages. The widget provides a shortcut to the Timeline page, for leaving comments and viewing content. The Timeline Page can be found in the Website Module.

  • Page shortcuts. You can list links to the most important pages in your event website (eg. Speakers, Sponsors or Knowledge).

  • Ticker Tape. Your Lounge will be a lot more lively if you use the Ticker Tape. Every website visitor can place a message in the ticker tape. If a visitor is registered, their name is automatically displayed.

  • Now & Up next. At the bottom of the page, the current and the next program element is displayed, so the visitors know what is happening.

  • Welcome message & video. You can welcome your visitors with a personal message or video, before they enter the Lounge. Videos are added by entering the embed code.

Widgets settings

For each widget, the following settings can be adjusted to your preferences:

  • Guestlist: widget name and text colour.

  • Program: widget name, date and time display, program elements.

  • Page shortcuts: text and link (internal or external).

  • Welcome page: the welcome text or video (using embed link).

  • Ticker tape: text colour

  • Now & Up next: text colour

Activating the Lounge

It’s up to you to decide when you want to replace the Homepage with the Lounge. You can activate the Lounge by ticking the tab in the Website Module (just above the Homepage). PLEASE NOTE: when you activate the Lounge, the normal Homepage will no longer be displayed. They can not be active at the same time. Tip: activate the Lounge on the day of the event, to avoid confusion.

Page design

You can align the style of the Lounge with the rest of your event website by choosing the appropriate colours and the background colour or image. In case you choose a background image, please keep in mind that the widgets are placed over the image, so some elements in the image might not be visible.

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