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Include a personal or open registration button in your invitation

Updated over a week ago

In the Mail Module when creating a new draft, a person registration button is automatically added. When the invitee uses this button, the imported personal data is automatically entered into the registration form. The registration button is also the link for changing the personal registration data. The settings of this button is 'Link to event element'. Below, 'Registration link' is selected.
Do you want to replace this personal registration button with an open registration button?
Here's how to do this:

  1. Click on 'Add Widget' and select 'Button'.

  2. Select 'Link to external URL'. Paste in the URL of an empty registration form below.

  3. Test this by selecting yourself at 'Choose invitees from overview' and send the test email.

Would you also like to use the personalized button? Add both buttons in your invitation. With text above these buttons, you can explain which button is need to be used. Button 1 (personalized button) is for the invitee who receives the email. Button 2 (open registration button) is for the person who gets the email forwarded.

CAUTION: If you choose to send out personal invitations, in combination with open registration, this can lead to double registrations in the overview. Double contacts in registrations overview

Read more about personal and open registration here

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