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Personal extra guest

Check out how you can use the personal extra guest registration.

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In case you as an organiser want to know who your guests are bringing as an extra guest, this is called a personal extra guest.

  • Activate the 'Extra guest' option in Step 1. (Registration of extra guests is an advanced registration feature and must be purchased separately.)

  • First, determine the information you want your invitee to provide about the extra guest (eg. name, email, company, workshop choice).

  • As an organiser, you can determine how you want to send the confirmation email.

  • This registration option is not available when paid tickets apply to your event. In this case all invitees need to purchase their own ticket.

  • You can set the number of extra guests per ticket in the Ticket Module.

    Registration flow extra guest

  • Your contact receives an invitation email, including a link to the registration form.

  • In the registration form, the invitee indicates the number of extra guests.

  • Your invitee enters the contact details of the extra guest(s) that are needed for registration: for instance: first name, last name and - in case the confirmation email goes directly to the guest - email address.

  • Once registered, the invitee receives a confirmation email, including the total number of guests.

  • All registered contacts are displayed in the registration overview - the extra guests appear in a separate list and the contact card indicates by whom each guest was invited.

Settings: send confirmation email to the invitee

When you are allowing your invitees to bring an extra guest (+1) to your event, first determine if you want to send a mail to your guest. And if you do, who you want to send the confirmation email to: your invitee, the extra guest or not at all?

  • Activate the ‘Extra guest’ option in the registration settings: Website Module, Step 1 and select 'by name.

  • Select ‘Send to invitee’ in the section concerning the confirmation email.

  • The invitee will receive two types of confirmation emails: One general confirmation email and another confirmation email for each extra guest. Each separate confirmation email needs to be manually forwarded to the extra guest by your invitee.

  • Both drafts for the confirmation emails are generated automatically in the Mail Module: one for the invitee, one for the extra guest. In the confirmation email for the invitee, the extra guest(s) are indicated.

  • In case the registration details need to be completed, indicate this clearly in the confirmation email to the extra guest.

  • Both emails contain a personal link. With this link, both invitee and extra guest can access their personal registration page. The personal registration page of your invitee also displays the details of his/her extra guest(s).

  • Both emails can be used to cancel the invitation of the extra guest (i.e. the invitee can also cancel on behalf of the extra guest).

  • The invitee can now forward the confirmation email(s) to the extra guest(s).

Settings: send confirmation email directly to the extra guest

  • Activate the ‘Extra guest’ option in the registration settings: Website Module, Step 1 an select 'by name'.

  • Select ‘Send to guest’ in the section concerning the confirmation email.

  • In the registration form, an extra question concerning the total number of guests is included automatically.

  • Determine the information that your invitee needs to provide in order to register the extra guest.

  • In the Mail Module, a draft of the confirmation email for each extra guest is generated automatically. This email contains the name of the person inviting him/her. In this confirmation email, indicate clearly which information your invitee still needs to provide in order to invite the extra guest.

  • A personal link is included in the confirmation email. Here, the extra guest can complete the registration details, and indicate whether he/she wants to appear on the guest list.

  • The confirmation email always includes a cancellation link.

  • The invitee receives a separate confirmation email.

Settings: send no confirmation email

  • Activate the entry registration in the registration settings of the website module (Step 1) and select type introduce: 'by name'.

  • Choose 'none of the above' in the question about the confirmation email.

  • In the Mail Module there is now a set-up ready for the confirmation email that is sent to the invitee.

  • When the e-ticket is attached, the e-ticket shows the amount of introduces.

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