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Invoice ticket sales

Momice automatically sends an invoice when you buy an admission ticket.

Updated over a week ago

Momice generates a personal invoice for each visitor. This invoice is an automatically attached to the confirmation email - together the e-ticket (2 attachments). The following information is shown on the invoice:

Please note: This invoice is automatically generated and follow al legal requirements. Therefore it cannot be adjusted manually except for the logo on the invoice. This can be adjusted in the Ticket Module > invoice.

  • Event name

  • Invoice details: invoice number, invoice date

  • Client details: first name, last name, organisation, address, city, zip code, country, reference (optional)

  • Organiser details: company name, address

  • VAT number

  • Sales overview: ticket name, ticket price, VAT rate, total amount (net), VAT amount, invoice amount

  • Payment method: iDeal / credit card / etc.

On the Register page (step 3, Website Module) you will find the invoice fields at the bottom of the registration questions. At the fields 'Text' and 'Reference (optional)' you can click on the pencil to adjust them. This is not possible for the other fields.

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