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Payout turnover ticket sales

Find out in this article when you can cash out your ticket sales revenue

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As of seven days after the event, the event owner can request a cash out of the event turnover*. The payout can be made to any European bank account. The option 'Request payout' will appear in the Ticket Module (Payout menu). After validating the request, Momice will transfer the money to the bank account related to your account.

The amount will generally be transferred to your bank account within two working days - this depends on the bank(s) involved. Please note: bank accounts outside of the EU cannot be used!

*The event turnover is the total turnover from ticket sales minus the transaction costs and the Momice service fee.

Explanation of difference in turnover

The revenue numbers in the Statistics add up all the ticket registrations and that X the current ticket amount. All manual registrations, any later invoices and cancellations are included in this. The original purchase continues to count in the Statistics.

The amount on the payout is based on the actual payments received. It may differ in the statistics in case of 'later payment'. If the invoice is not paid then the amount on the payout will deviate.

โ€‹Sample payout

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