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Sending emails (email checklist)
Sending emails (email checklist)

Checklist before sending an email

Updated over a week ago

You can only send emails when your event is activated. Read more on publishing your event website. You can send your email immediately or schedule for a future date.

Please note: the selected list is not dynamic when sending the email for a future date.

Follow the steps below to send an email:

  1. Open your draft email with the pencil icon in the Mail Module.

  2. Click on 'Select invitees from list'.

  3. Filter on a list or other filter such as 'invitees in' or 'no response'.

  4. Check that the invitees selected is correct.

  5. Click 'Test and send' and choose 'Go to send'.

  6. Check off the entire checklist. This is just to make sure you have checked everything.

  7. Click the 'Yes, send' button.

This checklist helps you to review all the important elements of your email - and avoid common mistakes. You can always go back to your draft in order to make adjustments. You can only send the email if you have ticked all the boxes of the checklist:

  • Is the number of invitees correct?

  • Did you choose the right subject line?

  • Is the name of the sender correct?

  • Did you check the salutation?

  • Did you send a test email?

  • Did you complete the registration process?

  • Did you receive a confirmation email?

  • Did you change the confirmation email according to your preferences?

Make your email spam-proof:
- Don't use special characters like !@*& in your subject line. Also, special vowels (like ü î é ø) will make your email more spam-sensitive.
- Spam filters react strongly to certain words like free, play, promotion, money, euro etc. Try to avoid them.
- You can test your mail on In two minutes you can find out whether or not your email is spam-proof.

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