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QR-code with website link

Use a QR code that links to the Homepage of your event website

Updated over a week ago

For every event, a QR-code linking to the event website is automatically generated.

You can find the QR-code in the Website Module, Step 4. From here, you can easily download it in PNG format. You can use the code for name badges or place them on the registration desk. This makes it easy for your guests to visit your website.

You can also display the QR code on the homepage, by using a widget. You can add this widget in Step 3. Read more about widgets.

Please note: this QR-code is different from the QR-code on the e-ticket of your visitors.

The code on the e-ticket is a personal code, that can be used to check in your visitors on the day of the event. Read more about scanning E-tickets.

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