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Guest list page

Settings for the guest list page

Updated over a week ago

The guest list displays all registered contacts in one overview, including a handy filter and search bar. You as organiser can determine the display settings:

  • For each question in the registration form, you can indicate if you want the answer to appear on the guest list. You can find your registration questions in the Website Module (Step 3).

  • Indicate if your guests can upload a photo (not mandatory).

  • Indicate if you want to allow other guests to download the contact details as a vCard.

First name, last name, company and function are automatically displayed. You can add all questions from the registration list (only open questions) to this selection. In the Website Module you can verify how details are displayed by looking at the ‘Preview’ (‘Test and send’). In case needed, you can adjust (i.e. shorten) the titles to the questions for a neat representation.

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