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Extra guest registration (plus 1) - General
Extra guest registration (plus 1) - General

How do you set up guest registration?

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  • Registration of extra guests is an advanced registration feature and must be purchased separately.

  • This registration option is not available when paid tickets apply to your event. In this case all invitees need to purchase their own ticket.

Anonymous and personal guest registration

There are two types of extra guests: anonymous and personal. An anonymous extra guest is not known by name, and the organiser only needs to know the total number of extra guests. In case of a personal extra guest, the organiser needs more information about the guest, for instance name, email and/or company. Therefore, these two types require a slightly different approach.

Before configuring the settings for an extra guest, it is advised to think through the complete registration flow.

Manually adding guests

As an organizer you can add guests manually. Follow the steps below to do this.

  1. Go to the Registration Module. Click on the pencil icon behind the registred contact.

  2. Click on the second tab 'Guests (0)'.

  3. Click on the button 'Add guest'. An anonymous guest will now be created.

  4. Click on the pencil. Here you can (optionally) change the name and registration details of your guest.

  5. Do you want to add another guest? Click on the button 'Save and back'.

  6. You can click again on the button 'Add guest'.

Please note: if you do not provide an email address for the guest, the registration confirmation will always be sent to the invitee.

If you did provide an email address for the guest, you can choose to send the registration confirmation to all registered contacts. In this case, the confirmation mail will be sent directly to the guest, regardless of your settings in Step 1, Website Module.

Please note: If you indicated to send the confirmation to neither the invitee, nor the extra guest in (Step 1, Website Module), the button 'send registration confirmation' (Registration Module) will not appear.

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