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Event change from live to online (and vice versa)
Event change from live to online (and vice versa)

Here are all the steps to move your event from live to online with a handy checklist.

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From physical to online event

Want to change your event from a physical to an online event? Then follow these steps.
1. First, remove the maximum number of registrations from the event. Go to step 1 of the Website Module. Here, click on "Registration.

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2. Scroll down until you get to "Close Registration. Remove the maximum number of registrations.

3. Go to step 1 of the Website Module, and click on 'Event details'.

4. Here you can change the check mark behind 'physical event' to 'online'. Settings such as live stream options will now be activated automatically.

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Please note: The maximum number of online and hybrid event registrations is limited to 1,000 registrations.

Would you like to use Momice online with audience interaction? Then contact Momice to discuss the possibilities.
5. With an online event it is not necessary to send an e-ticket to the participants. You can turn this off in the Mail Module, at registration confirmation.

6. Also, check if there is any other information in the registration confirmation that needs to be changed, now that it is an online event.

7. Did you have a location page added to your event? Remove the address from the location page, so the address does not show in the calendar item.

8. Also review your other website pages, such as your home page. Make sure it is clear to attendees that the event will now take place online.

9. Now further organize your online event: Check out our article on the program page and livestream page for more information on how to set these up for an online event.

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